First M’sian Indian to attend West Point receives RM10,000 from #MIC


SUHANRAJ RAJASEGARAN, the first Malaysian Indian to attend a degree programme at the United States Military Academy, West Point, hopes to make his parents and country proud. The 20-year-old son of a retired army warrant officer today received a RM10,000 cheque from the MIC. Party president Datuk Seri G. Palanivel handed over the cheque to Suhanraj.

“The contribution is in recognition of his success and to express our support,” said Palanivel, who is also minister in the Prime Minister’s Department.

Suhanraj, who will attend a degree programme in electrical engineering, also thanked his family and the Malaysian Armed Forces for the opportunity, promising to make the country proud.

“I’m happy to be selected as one of the candidates. It is a great honour for me and I hope I will succeed in my studies,” he said, adding that his father’s military background and his own ambition to become a military officer were the key factors of his success.

“My father was an ex-warrant officer and he had always supported me since I was young,” he said.

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  1. nothing to shout says:

    after so many years of independence, only now a malaysian indian get the opportunity to study at the american military college? how about the number of malays that have obtained the similar opportunities and graduated. i believe the number of malays must be overwhelming in comparison to the non-malays. there is nothing to proud about, especially to the indians.

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